What is LevelUp

LevelUp is a general purpose Tilemap editor. It emphasizes on workflow and usability and offers a variety of tools and options to make your level development process as smooth as possible.

The development started late 2012 when i was creating ungame. Tiled didn't offer me the freedom i wanted, and other editors weren't as feature complete, so the only logical thing to do is writing custom software. I felt others might share my aversion against existing editors so i decided to make it publicly and freely available. Since its inception there's been a lot of improvements based off personal experiences and user feedback and there will be more improvements and features coming in future releases.

Why should i use LevelUp then?

LevelUp exceeds most of the basic feature-sets in currently available Tilemap editors already in this early version. The interface is (or will eventually be) designed around comprehension and intuition. The goal is to have a person that has not used it before feel immediately familiar and comfortable with it.

Additionally the idea is to make levels fast. Being able to copy/crop/paste around parts of the map freely and easily, sculpt landscapes or objects using the AutoTiler, place entities and give them custom attributes and settings will ensure a quick and fluent workflow.

This is pre 1.0!

Until LevelUp hits version 1.0 it can be considered a beta. While the basic featureset is close to completion, there is still a lot of functionality that is missing. I don't want to spoil anything yet, so if you'd like to see improvement towards it, spread the word! :]

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