The tools are the most advanced part on LevelUp. You have your default tilebrush to draw single tiles, an areabrush to quickly layout larger regions, a stampbrush to quickly place down a cluster of tiles making up bigger objects like trees and houses. The latest addition is the AutoTiler, which places tiles depending on it's adjacent tiles.

AutoTiler preview


Entities are represented by choosing an image or tile and can have arbitrary attributes. They can be hidden at any point to not obfuscate the map editing. They can be grid-aligned or freely moveable.


Triggers are zones with custom attributes to implement game-logic. Things like death-zones and status changing effects, or to determine travel-points.

Project management

LevelUp has some basic Project-management at this stage. It keeps track of your textures and maps and your configuration.


Customization at this point includes colortheming for the Ui and the checker-grid. More customization features are planned for future releases.

Feature Rundown

-Multiple Textures
-Auto-reloading Tilesets when modified
-Tilematrix preview
-Undo as much as you'd like
-Minimap (experimental)
-Minimap image export
-Multiple Levels per project
-XML Export
-Tips-of-the-Day hint system (experimental)
-Colortheme customizations
-Photoshop-like key configuration

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